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As of, the health & Hygienic of people were and will be the first priority of Shams industrial factory and also this factor is very important and valuable for us; In 1968, by very strains our factory started to produce the wooden body refrigerators with existing facility and send them to Iran market.

Industrial fruity Ice cream machines

Inverter, new advance technology
Export our products to various countries
High Volume Cone . Up to 750 pcs
How We Do

How We Do  company shams?

We make our products with the most sophisticated, fully automatic and up-to-date machines in the world, using pieces from famous brands in Germany, Italy, Denmark and South Korea.


Who We Are Company Shams ?

Meet our team members and our work places

Since 1968, shams company. has started its activities in the field of Industrial Refrigerator Production. 15 years later, the company extended its activities to the production of ice cream machines. Since 1989, this company with the Shams Co. trade name, has gained a large share in Iranian market. This amounts to 75% of ice cream machines market. Since 2008, after achieving brilliant results in quality and machinery production, the company has started to export its production to Persian Gulf States. The company has successfully achieved the ISO and CE certification. Due to the need of domestic market as well as exportation in 2019, company Shams. Increased its production rate to 10 machines daily and eventually 3000 units per year..

75%Tehran Market Share
65%Canada Market Share
90%Shiraz Market Share

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